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the "three chaos" in the coating market is deeply rooted and difficult to regulate
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since august 2011, the coatings began to implement the "14 national mandatory standards", which directly pointed to the chaotic sales of the coatings industry, the poor quality of coatings and paint products, and the counterfeit and inferior phenomena. this standard is used to regulate the market.

national mandatory standards related to coatings have been implemented for more than one month. is the coating market still producing and selling counterfeit and shoddy products? recently, the reporter visited many paint and coating shops in building materials markets such as wanbolong, zhongnan, baishigang, and found zhuzhou counterfeit latex wall paints and paints are still sold rampantly, at low prices, and have not disappeared.

   chaotic elephant one

   brand paint fakes rampant

there are dozens of shops selling paint in the zhongnan building materials market and the "paint and paint special zone" of the baishigang building materials market. among them, most of them are paint and paint shops that operate dulux, china resources and other brands. each brand has at least three shops. . according to the reporter's understanding, most other stores also sell brand paints including dulux and china resources.

in a nippon paint specialty store in the baishigang building materials market, when the reporter pointed out that they wanted cheap paint, the sales staff in the store introduced nippon’s 15-liter and 18-liter latex paint, and also recommended the large barrels stacked in the store." dulux gold five-in-one latex paint". the clerk said that nippon’s 15-liter latex paint only costs 220 yuan a barrel, while dulux is the cheapest, with the same specifications as only 150 yuan a barrel. carefully observe the body of the paint bucket. some paint buckets have bumps and scratches around the lid. others are no different from the genuine body. when the reporter asked whether the dulux latex paint is an authentic brand, the other party repeatedly emphasized that this is a clean product, very environmentally friendly, and there is no problem in quality. you can buy it with confidence, and repeatedly evade the reporter's questions about the authenticity of the paint.

   then, the reporter went to the santrees brand paint store. "if you buy cheap paint, you can buy dulux, the lowest price is 180 yuan a bucket." the boss introduced. the reporter saw that the barrel was also labeled "dulux gold five-in-one latex paint", "why are the prices of this paint different?" "dulux is a big brand, and we sell it in any store here." then, she he also said that the price of this paint is also high and low, hardcover and plain-covered, and the place of production is different. "i don't know where it is produced. we all go to one place to get the goods, and he supplies them to the store. there are more and rarely sold individually.” as for the supply address, the boss did not want to disclose. the reporter asked about the authenticity of the paint again. she made it clear that the dulux paint sold in her store was not produced by the manufacturer, and some of the dulux, china resources and other brands sold in the market were fake. .

“we often have people who come to hand out flyers. as long as fake paint is needed, they can be delivered by one phone.” in another paint shop, the salesperson said that there are people who come to buy paint buckets. their regular paint shop is affected by this. impact, business is not easy to do, mainly relying on repeat business to promote sales. there are many shops selling fake paint in the market, and many shops sell both genuine and fake paint. owners who are greedy for cheap can't distinguish between genuine and fake paint and are easily fooled.

   chaotic elephant ii

  pails in buckets and buckets are all "clean smell", the market is too chaotic

   in recent years, the coating market has also set off an "environmental protection fever", and many businesses have launched "clean flavor" coatings. the reporter's investigation and visit found that the "clean taste" products in the coatings market are quite popular among consumers. regardless of whether they are genuine or fake, there are different series of "clean taste" paints in the store. the "clean taste" function is also the most introduced by sales staff.

what is the concept of "clean odor"? "clean odor products are completely tasteless and very environmentally friendly", "clean odor technology does not add flavors, and quickly removes indoor odors", "clean odors are only relatively speaking, and paints are completely odorless. impossible"...and so on, but no salesperson can fully explain it. when the reporter asked if they could look at the relevant quality or environmental protection test reports, the sales staff all started tai chi, "the test report is in the head office, we don’t have it for the time being", "our products are qualified", or bluntly, "we it is a big brand, and the products that can be placed on the cabinet are environmentally friendly, and the quality can be completely assured."

   in shops selling fake paints, the shopkeepers will also advertise that the paints they sell are completely clean. "how to ensure the quality of such cheap paint?" the reporter expressed doubts. "the quality can be assured. they are all pure taste products. the quality is only different in the degree of scrubbing resistance of the wall." a salesperson said, as for how the wall is scrubbed, he can't explain it. some stores claim that the paint is made by rural households and has no smell, but it is still produced by the manufacturer. as for where the manufacturer is, it is impossible to justify it.

   it is understood that at present, the country does not have a unified standard for the smell of paint, and there is no special standard and requirement for "clean smell". "clean smell" is only a sales concept put forward by manufacturers. according to the person in charge of the zhuzhou marketing center of mei tu shi paint, the clean smell paint mainly refers to the special effect functional paint that can purify the odor and toxicity in the air. this kind of paint itself has almost zero toxicity. but the "clean taste paint" produced by many small manufacturers does not have the function of clean taste, but the smell is relatively small. at present, there are two kinds of odor-cleaning principles: "emulsion technology directly eliminates odor" and "flavor covering emulsion odor". the former is a real odor-cleaning technology, and the latter is a "pseudo odor-cleaning" technology. when consumers buy paints and coatings, they can request to open the product to taste it on the spot. a good clean product should not have any pungent smell. if there is a clear pungent smell, or unclear apple or tea smell waiting for fragrance is a "false clean taste" product with harmful substances or flavors added, which is harmful to the human body and the environment.


  consumers should not be greedy to buy paint cheaply to regular specialty stores

   wall paint paint is indispensable in home decoration, and the use area is relatively large. but there is one of the most important toxic substances in paint, called voc, voc is volatile organic compound. when the voc content in the room reaches a certain concentration, it will make people feel headache and nausea in a short time. in severe cases, there will be convulsions, being unconscious is extremely harmful to the human body. therefore, the choice of coatings should choose products with good environmental performance and quality.

in the face of cheap, fake paints, "clean taste", and multi-functional paints on the market, and there are many brands in the industry, consumers do not know whether they have ultra-low voc content and whether the quality is guaranteed. if they buy fake paints or " "pseudo-clean taste" products are harmful to health when used in home decoration.

consumers who buy fake paint are mostly because they are greedy for cheap. according to the sales staff of a paint brand specialty store, many painters are now starting to take rebates. the shop buys cheap paint, and the master makes a profit from it. "consumers still have to believe that you get what you pay for."

the person in charge of the zhuzhou marketing center of mei tu shi paint also mentioned that when buying paint, you must go to a regular specialty store for selection and purchase. normal specialty stores generally only operate one brand. if there are other brands of paint for sale in the store, we must pay attention to whether it is fake. "there is only one origin of paint. if there are multiple origins or manufacturers for the same brand and the same series of paint, there must be fake paint." in addition, he also reminded consumers that they should not be superstitious about the "green color" on the paint packaging. "the word ", you must look at the product quality inspection report, observe whether there are signs of rust, scratches, etc. at the joints of the iron barrel, and see if the markings on the iron barrel are complete.

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