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1. xinhui spirit

solidarity and perseverance  honesty and integrity work hard

xinhui wants to shape a kind of willpower that is unwavering, unrelenting, and unyielding no matter how many setbacks it suffers. only with perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit can we create a first-class enterprise that will never fail in fierce competition! 

sincere unity is a necessary condition for the survival of an enterprise. only when the senior executives and employees regard the enterprise as their home, the joy of lexinhui, the worries of xinhui, and the unity can make xinhui go to glory! 

be honest and work hard: our products have been pursuing higher quality, treating people with sincerity, speaking with strength, and doing things with strength. we hope to be well received by customers, and we hope to be affirmed by customers! we always do every detail with 100% heart and pursue excellent quality! the pursuit of xinhui is the belief of xinhui people!

2, xinhui culture

people-oriented  harmonious development

harmony, as a kind of thought, is the essence of the excellent culture of the chinese nation; as a goal, it is to build xinhui into a harmonious enterprise with a suitable environment for employee growth and enterprise development. advocate harmonious development, adhere to the people-oriented company philosophy, motivate and mobilize employees' enthusiasm, initiative and creativity to participate in company management practices and reforms, and promote the overall development of the company and employees, thereby building a harmonious xinhui!

3, business philosophy

loyal to quality, innovative technology

quality is the lifeline for the survival and development of an enterprise. as a company whose main products are fireproof coatings for construction of tunnels and fireproofing materials for steel structures, the quality of products is related to major safety issues. therefore, we always put quality first in production. strictly control the quality mark during the construction process, and act in strict accordance with the standards and corporate safety rules. only with excellent quality can we create an excellent enterprise and win a broader development prospect. 

technological innovation is the fundamental factor for the development and growth of an enterprise and a booster for the enterprise to seek development. therefore, we always adhere to the excellent tradition of chinese civilization, constantly innovate quality, and build the enterprise into an innovative enterprise with quality as the first.

4. management philosophy

humanity as the foundation  system as the criterion

 adhere to the company philosophy of people-oriented and harmonious development, motivate and mobilize employees' enthusiasm, initiative and creativity to participate in the practice of company management reform, promote the overall development of employees and the company, and build a harmonious xinhui.

strict system: as a company integrating production, sales, scientific research, and construction, it must have a complete set of rules and regulations. everything must be implemented in strict accordance with the rules and regulations. the effective implementation of various systems can promote the orderly management of the company. all employees only by taking the system as the criterion can we complete the work targets with quality and quantity, and ensure the company's steady operation and healthy development.

5, corporate belief

success is not accidental  details determine success or failure

the arrival of success requires a spirit of perseverance.

i got it accidentally, it comes from long-term thinking; the willow is the result of unremitting exploration.

being impetuous, unable to sit on a cold bench, and eager for success is a taboo for those who do big things. 

success requires a kind of perseverance, a kind of defensiveness that can sit still and endure loneliness, only then can there be great achievements.

after ten years of sharpening a sword, it is a sword handed down.

nowadays, there are many "yue cheng yi shu", and even "zhou cheng yi shu". even a genius, so fast, it is difficult to make new discoveries. 

success is achieved through long-term unremitting efforts, and the occasional one or two glory is just a coincidence.

an enterprise must be persistent in order to achieve its goals.

take every step well and carefully do every detail. 

successful enterprise lies in the efforts of every detail. only by grasping every detail can we steadily take every step of the enterprise and move towards a higher future!

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