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【概要描述】随着温度的升高,钢的屈服应力降低,相关曲线接近倒s形。一般钢的强度在500左右急剧下降。根据不同的钢结构设计要求,达到钢材破坏的结构强度的温度称为核心温度。通常裸钢5~10 min即可达到芯温。受防火涂料保护的钢结构可以大大延长达到核心温度的时间,从而赢得消防、疏散、逃生和危险情况救援的时间。 ……
how to see the scale of the exterior wall real stone paint manufacturer? in today's society, as the number of users buying real stone paint for exterior walls is particularly large, manufacturers that manufacture and wholesale products have sprung up,
according to reports, a new type of interior and exterior wall paint with zero voc (volatile organic compound), zero formaldehyde, and zero heavy metal characteristics has passed the national expert appraisal of new product achievements in beijing. expert
since august 2011, the coatings began to implement the "14 national mandatory standards", which directly pointed to the chaotic sales of the coatings industry, the poor quality of coatings and paint products, and the counterfeit and inferior phe
1. sample preparation: use the selected resin and the leveling agent to be selected, according to the recommended range of dosage, divide the work curve into eq……
based on the in-depth and meticulous study of colors by scientists and psychologists, vermek floor came to the conclusion that "color can cure diseases". experiments have shown that colorful colors will become a kind of "nutrient" that
heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating: refers to a type of anti-corrosion coating that can be applied in a relatively harsh corrosive environment compared with conventional anti-corrosion coatings and has a longer protection period than conventional anti-corr
since the ministry of public security and the ministry of housing and urban-rural development jointly issued the "interim regulations on fire protection for external thermal insulation systems and exterior wall decorations of civil buildings", t
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