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teach you to distinguish between fire retardant coatings and ordinary coatings
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since the ministry of public security and the ministry of housing and urban-rural development jointly issued the "interim regulations on fire protection for external thermal insulation systems and exterior wall decorations of civil buildings", the wall insulation industry has shaken significantly. this regulation has increased the overall fire protection requirements of my country's building external thermal insulation systems by 1 the combustion performance of external insulation materials for civil buildings should be class a, and should not be lower than class b2. at the same time, mandatory regulations for the installation of fire barriers have been added. liu bo, a researcher at the policy research center of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, believes that the “interim regulations” provide guidance for the design, construction and management of external thermal insulation systems for newly built, under construction and put-in-use buildings. the occurrence of fire accidents in the insulation system is of far-reaching significance. at the same time, many requirements of the "interim regulations" objectively put forward new issues for the fire safety of domestic building insulation systems.

   in addition to such good news, what should consumers pay attention to when buying building materials?

   industry insiders remind citizens that they must pay attention to the fire resistance of materials during the decoration process. for general construction and decoration materials, the sales unit or manufacturer may be required to provide an inspection report of its combustion performance level. according to the requirements of the national fire protection technical standards, the fire department has fireproofed the decoration materials used in the interior decoration of the building's floor, wall, ceiling, partition and other parts, as well as fixed furniture, curtains, curtains, bedspreads, furniture coverings, fixed decorations and other materials. it is required that citizens must pay attention to distinguishing when purchasing decoration materials.

  the appearance of fireproof paint is very similar to ordinary paint, it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance, and it is also difficult to check the quality of fireproof paint on site.

   consumers can be identified through the following methods:

   (1) check whether the product has a qualified inspection report issued by a national fire quality inspection center, or you can check it online. at present, fire-resistant paint implements a fire-fighting product type approval system, and the fire-resistant paints sold on the market should have a national fire product type approval certificate and a type inspection pass report.

   (2) according to national standards, in addition to meeting the requirements of fire resistance, the combustion performance of fire retardant paint is divided into first and second levels. under the specified experimental conditions, the flame-resistant time of the first-class fire-resistant paint is not less than 20 minutes, and the heat-resistant time of the second-class fire-resistant paint is not less than 10 minutes.

  users should pay attention to distinguishing when choosing, to avoid the enterprise from shoddy, failing to achieve the effect of fire protection.

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